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Staging the "Make or Break" Areas, Part 2: The Living Room

Megan Morris has been discussing on her blog the “make or break” areas of a house, which are the specific rooms that rank highest on buyers’ must-have lists and will often “make or break” their interest in placing an offer. These rooms include the kitchen, living area, and master bedroom, so when you’re staging your home for sale you must make sure they are as attractive as possible. This doesn’t always have to mean spending a lot of money on renovations; sometimes, you just need to do a little !

The living room is where family and friends will gather. Buyers want to know their is enough space not only for their furniture, but also for their loved ones. If you’re living room is dark, cramped, mismatched or cluttered, most buyers are automatically going to feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to imagine themselves living there. It must be an inviting space that makes people feel at home. The good news: this isn’t hard to accomplish!

See Megan’s 10 living room staging tips at


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