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Home Staging Webinar: Awkward Spaces

Find out how to make the awkward spaces in your home selling features in this free Home Staging Webinar!

Awkward spaces are very common in homes. Most homes have at least one spot that can be classified this way, whether it’s an oddly shaped entryway, a niche, a hallway, a loft, a breakfast nook or any other space people just aren’t sure what to do with. Whether you’re living there or planning to put your house on the market, the goal is to turn any awkward spaces into ones that make a great and lasting first impression.

In this episode of Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar, she will show you:

  • How to give an awkward space a clear purpose
  • How to decorate these areas and what not to do with them
  • The most important trick for making any space feel bigger
  • And tips on choosing the right window treatments, lighting, color palette and patterns to expand a small space

When you’re selling your home, it’s especially important to give each space in your home a purpose that is clearly communicated to buyers. A loft, for example, can be staged in a variety of different ways to give buyers an idea of how to use that space. Simply leaving it empty will highlight its awkwardness. Buyers can be really stumped by what they perceive as “wasted” space. Megan offers some ideas on how to make awkward spaces more functional so they don’t get misunderstood.

The biggest issue most awkward spaces face is size. Megan has clever tricks that you can use to combat this issue and open up the space. She shares her most important trick for making any space feel bigger, plus offers additional tips on choosing the right window treatments (and what to avoid), how to deal with a lack of natural light, what the best color palettes are for awkward spaces, and what kind of patterns and decorating styles you should avoid to keep a space from feeling cramped and dark.

All of these elements can take a space from awkward to beautiful. We’ve staged spaces that seemed impossible to work with from the onset but ended up becoming one of the selling points of a home once we applied some of the simple tricks in this video.

Watch this episode of Megan’s Home Staging Webinar for some great home staging tips on how to turn your awkward spaces into selling features.

A beautiful home sells faster.

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