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5 Summer Curb Appeal Tips That Will Have Buyers Rushing Inside

Summer is upon us, which means a lot of people have begun house hunting. It’s one of the most popular seasons for buying and selling which means you’ll have a lot of competition if you’re planning to list your home now. To give your home an edge on the competition, you’ll want to make sure…

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How to Make Your Home Stand Out During the Summer

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons of the year in which to sell a home. There are a lot of buyers looking to move during that time, which also means there is a lot more inventory on the market, too. If you plan to list your home during the summer months, you’ll be facing…

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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home Décor for Spring

We love decorating for the seasons. Not only does it keep things fresh every few months, but it also helps us appreciate what’s special about each season and enjoy them even more. Spring is all about bringing color and life back into the world after winter. That’s why it’s the most popular time to do…

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Our Favorite Fall Color Ideas for Decorating

Fall is a season full of beautiful colors. Nature literally transforms and offers up a lot of inspiration that we can translate into our own homes. Color is one of the most powerful elements in design, so it’s a great place to start if you want to capture the essence of a season, especially one as…

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5 Home Staging Tips for Fall

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. We love the crisp, beautiful weather, the changing colors, and the fun holidays. It’s also a great time to sell your home. Incorporating seasonal touches into your home staging is a smart way to engage buyers’ imaginations and help them picture themselves living there. Most people get excited…

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Easy Fall Decor Tips to Embrace the Season at Home

Fall is a season full of beauty. It makes you want to feel warm and maybe even a little indulgent with special treats and cozy creature comforts. In fact, many people prefer to stay home a lot more during the fall season so they can curl up by a fire and enjoy a nice cup…

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Using Cool Summer Colors to Help Sell Your Home

Take a peak inside this beautiful million-dollar home in Winter Park, Florida, professionally staged by MHM Professional Staging, LLC. Get the full tour at!

With each new season comes a new opportunity to adapt your interior space to boast the most attractive colors for that particular time of year. Particularly when staging a home for sale, renewing your home’s appearance through small changes will help it appeal to the current lifestyle emotions of your prospective buyers. Designer Patrick J.…

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How to Freshen Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, and for millions of Americans across the country, that means one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning! If your home is currently on the marketing or if you are planning to sell in the near future, it’s even more important that your home look its best. The best places to start are…

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Home Staging Webinar: Seasonal Décor

Seasonal Decor

Decorating your home for the seasons is a lot of fun. The smallest touch of seasonal décor can bring the spirit of the holiday or season alive and help keep things fresh throughout the year. Even if your home is on the market, these special touches can delight buyers as they tour the property. In…

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How to Boost “Curbside Appeal” This Fall

When it comes to staging your home, creating powerful curbside appeal is one of the most important things you can do. This refers to the experience prospective buyers will have as they drive up to and enter your home. This curbside experience creates the first impression for your visitors and serves to frame the rest…

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