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Professional Staging vs DIY Staging: Which is right for you?

In today’s market, one of the best marketing strategies to sell your home fast and for top dollar is home staging. Once you’ve decided to take advantage of it, though, there’s an important question that pops up: professional staging or do-it-yourself home staging? Both have advantages, so it depends on the homeowner’s budget and needs…

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Featured Staged Listing: November 2018

This month’s Featured Staged Listing is a stunning high-rise condo in Downtown Orlando. What makes this place so special (besides the incredible view) are the details throughout the home. The kitchen has a contemporary flair with a beautiful countertop that looks like marble. The backsplash is a stylish mosaic tile and the floors are a…

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What to Expect from a Home Staging Consultation

Home staging is one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategies to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Once you’ve decided to invest in staging your home, it all starts with a consultation. But what exactly does that mean? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from a home staging consultation so…

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What to Ask When Choosing the Right Home Stager

A home stager plays a key role in your marketing team when you are planning to list a home for sale. Home staging gives a listing a competitive edge but only if the stager has the knowledge and experience to know what your home needs to stand out. There are a lot of home stagers…

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Why a Splash of Color is Essential in Home Staging

In home staging, it’s important to neutralize a home so that it appeals to the widest range of buyers possible. However, that doesn’t mean making it void of all charm and personality. A neutral palette is just the first step. Color plays an important role in the process of selling a home faster and for…

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Featured Staged Listing: October 2018

This month, our Featured Staged Listing is a special project that was two years in the making. Our team chose everything from the finishes and paint colors to the furniture and decor. It is exciting to finally see the finished product. The first thing that you notice about this home is the spacious, open floor…

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5 Things Every Home Needs to Appeal to Buyers

When you list your home on the market, you want to give it its best chance at appealing to buyers and standing out from the competition. Putting it out there “as-is” probably won’t achieve either. To make sure your home makes a positive impression on buyers, include these 5 things that go a long way…

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6 Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid to Sell Your House Faster

It’s true what they say: you can’t re-do a first impression. When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, it’s the first thing buyers see when they drive up. If they aren’t impressed, many buyers won’t even bother going inside. A home’s curb appeal reflects the entire home, so it’s important that it sends the…

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How Home Staging Gives You an Advantage Over the Competition

Home staging is one of the most powerful real estate marketing strategies. By thinking of a home like a product, you can position your home on the market to be as appealing as possible and stand out from the competition. Like any other product, you want to inspire buyers to choose yours over the others…

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5 Rules for Decluttering When You’re Selling a Home

The first step (and one of the most important) to staging your home for sale is to declutter it. A home that is clutter-free will have a much better impression on buyers and result in higher offers and faster sales. However, decluttering for home staging is different from decluttering to live in it. Here are…

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