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Creating Elegant Christmas Curb Appeal for Home Staging

While selling a home during the holidays isn’t necessarily ideal, it is the reality for some homeowners and there are plenty of buyers still out there searching throughout the season. It can be tempting to decorate your home as you do every year for the holidays, but smart home staging tips apply all year-round. Like…

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Why Curb Appeal is Important to Selling Your Home

The curb appeal of a home refers to the value of its exterior. If a home has curb appeal, that means it is attractive to the eye and inspires confidence. Great curb appeal helps sell a home faster and for more money because of the positive affect it has on buyers. Unfortunately, a lot of…

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Home Staging Webinar: Exterior Upgrades

Curb Appeal Exterior Upgrades

Curb appeal is the most important part of staging a home before it goes on the market. It is the first impression potential buyers will get when they drive up to the property, so you want it to start things off on a positive note. The quality of the exterior reflects the owner and what…

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How to Boost “Curbside Appeal” This Fall

When it comes to staging your home, creating powerful curbside appeal is one of the most important things you can do. This refers to the experience prospective buyers will have as they drive up to and enter your home. This curbside experience creates the first impression for your visitors and serves to frame the rest…

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Home Staging Secrets: Maximize Curb Appeal

In previous blog entries and articles, we have touched on the importance of maximizing “curb appeal” when it comes to preparing a home for sale. Why is this such a big deal? Because the curbside appeal of your home creates the first impression for your prospective buyers. From the moment potential buyers drive up to…

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Home Staging Secrets: Five Staging Priorities

Here’s a question I hear all the time: “Megan, what’s the most important thing I can do to increase the marketability of my home?” As a home staging professional, of course, I love answering this question. The reality is that staging can dramatically increase the sales price of a home—but only when it’s done right.…

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