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Staging a Home Office in 2020

Home office staged by MHM Professional Staging in Orlando, FL

Due to social distancing, more home buyers are looking for space that can be easily converted into a home office. This means that staging a home office is something you’ll want to consider when preparing your home for the buyer’s market. A home office has always been a great asset, but now that more and more professionals are working from home, it’s a necessity.

Choosing a Spot for a Home Office

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Home offices are a creative way to stage a spare bedroom or bonus room. However, there are even more ways of staging a home office—ways that don’t require using a whole room. Even in a small home, you can often incorporate a desk and chair with some simple rearranging. After all, a home office doesn’t need to be big. Small home offices can be just as effective.

In Your Family Room

With smart space planning, a desk can easily fit into most family rooms. Behind the sofa is a popular spot for a desk and chair. You can also place a desk near a window or along a wall in place of a console table. Choosing a desk that has built-in cabinets will provide storage space and hide clutter.

Placing shelving around the desk will also help provide storage space. Built-in shelving is even better. Choose a stylish desk and chair to add character. Add in decorative baskets filled with office supplies for a finishing touch.

In Your Formal Living Room or Dining Room

In most households today, formal living rooms and dining rooms are rarely used as such. A home office can make better use of this space. Show buyers the potential of these outdated spaces by converting them into study rooms for the kids or large office spaces with ample seating and storage.


A home office can also be staged in a kitchen. This can be a great desk spot for families. It’s a convenient place for children to do their homework while parents cook. If there is a breakfast nook in the home, it can easily be converted into an office nook.


A home office is a great way to make use of a loft space, too. If the loft doesn’t have a lot of space, you can get creative with storage. For instance, you can choose a desk with built in upper and/or lower cabinets.


A closet can be converted into a small home office. The only downside to a closet office is there’s usually not much of a view. You can still make up for that by decorating it in a beautiful way that promotes inspiration. Try incorporating some of this year’s top design trends into the office space to distract from the size. You can also consider removing the doors so the office space doesn’t look or feel too cramped.

Create a Co-Working Space

Home offices can be staged for individual use or set up as a co-working space for multiple members of the house to use. If you have a large room or loft, consider staging it as a versatile work and study room that can be used by parents and school-aged children. This is a great way to attract families to your home. 

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Remember to Accessorize

Another tip for staging a beautiful and inspiring home office is to style the desk with accessories. This can include neatly stacked books, cute office supplies, or a globe. Add a vase of flowers or a plant for a finishing touch.

Stage Your Home with MHM Professional Staging

If you need help staging your home, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at MHM Professional Staging. We have decades of staging experience, and we’ve helped countless homeowners attract the highest offers for their homes. We would love to help you do the same. Request a home staging consultation today.

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