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How to Stage Your Home to Appeal to Families

Living room with large sectional.

When staging your home, it’s important to keep your target market in mind. Who is most likely to purchase your home? Your target market will determine how to strategically stage your home. How you stage your home for a family, for example, will be different than how you would stage your home for young singles. Here we’ll be sharing tips on how to stage your home for families.

Put Greater Focus on Staging Kids’ Rooms

A room staged as a children's nursery with crib, changing table, and kids table.

At least a few of the spare bedrooms in your home has should be turned into children’s rooms. You want prospective buyers to be able to envision their children living in these rooms. Though you should keep them gender neutral, you can decorate the room with colorful children’s wall art. You can also place children’s books on the dresser. It’s best to stick to twin size beds since you don’t want the room to look cramped. If you are attracting younger parents who are likely to be expecting, you can stage a nursery.

Focus on Family Spaces

A living room area with games on the tables.

Beyond the kids’ rooms, you’ll want the rest of the house to feel inviting to a family as well. All the common areas should be staged so that they would suit families’ day-to-day lives. It’s important to envision parents and their children gathering in these key areas. So keep this in mind when selecting everything from the furniture to the decor. Placing games in a common area is a great way to help the family imagine spending time together in these spaces.

A close up of a coffee table with fun games on it.

The Living Room

A living room with large gray sectional.

Large sectionals are a great choice for the living room because they maximize space and create more seating. Steer away from making these spaces look too formal, and instead make them appear cozy and comfortable. You should also avoid choosing any light colored furniture or rugs, as these will get dirty easily with children or pets in the home.

The Front Porch

Take full advantage of any living area you may have in front of the home, as this can also be a great place for families to spend time together. Nothing is more inviting than comfortable seating, and this is a great place to add a small table or rocking chairs. Hanging out at this part of the home has a lot of potential for meeting new neighbors, and it’s an ideal spot for parents to keep an eye on children as they play.

The Backyard

A back patio area with patio furniture and outdoor dining table.

Now more than ever, families are looking for practical outdoor space. If your home has a patio in the backyard, be sure to stage it accordingly. By using outdoor furniture and having the lawn manicured, you’ll make it easier for families to see themselves spending time and playing together in this space. You can also have children’s outdoor toys or swing sets displayed, but only if they appear to be in safe, usable condition. If you have a pool, make sure it is securely gated.

Pay Extra Attention to Curb Appeal

The exterior of a home with great curb appeal.

Finally, think about the first impression your home is making from a street view when staging for families. Is your front door welcoming? Is there a place where you could add window boxes or a small garden? Every detail from the mailbox to outdoor lighting fixtures should be considered. This is ultimately the aesthetic of your home that will stick in your buyer’s mind, so it’s worth paying extra attention to.

Schedule a Home Staging Consultation

It can be challenging to stage your home for families if you’re not sure where to start. If you need help, we suggest hiring a staging company like MHM Professional Staging. We have a team of expert designers on staff and a large collection of decor and artwork perfect for staging. Some paintings in our collection were painted by our founder and trained fine artist, Megan Morris herself. Request a home staging consultation.

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