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How to Not Get Overwhelmed When Decluttering

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Decluttering has a multitude of benefits, making it an important thing for us all to do every now and then. When you declutter your home, you get rid of things that you no longer want or need so you can make space for the new. It also keeps your home clean and organized, which reflects in the way you feel when you’re there.

It’s also the most important step in getting your home ready for sale. Without decluttering your home, it’s a lot less appealing to buyers, which means it won’t sell as fast and for as much money as you’re hoping.

Decluttering can get overwhelming, so here are some tips that will help you get through the process without stressing out.

Tips on Avoiding Overwhelm When Decluttering

Take your time

One of the quickest paths to overwhelm when decluttering is trying to get it all done in a short amount of time. If you look at the whole project and then give yourself an unrealistic deadline to meet, you’re going to get burned out – fast.

Instead of trying to tackle it all at once, take it room by room and then section by section. Don’t give yourself too much to do in one day, either. Work for an hour or two, then take a break or wait until the next day to continue. Figure out what works for you.

Also, double the amount of time you think it’s going to take to finish everything. If you think you can get it all done in a few hours, estimate at least twice the amount of time because decluttering always takes longer than you think it will, especially when you’re trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Avoid distractions

Distractions can make the decluttering process take twice as long as it needs to. Every time you stop to check your email or social media, it adds extra time to when you will be finished decluttering. Plus, it takes longer to get back into the zone with decluttering every time you step away.

To avoid unnecessary distractions, put your phone in another room and keep other distractions to a minimum. You may think having the television on will help you enjoy the process more, but if you keep stopping to watch, it will take longer to finish what you’re doing, so it’s a better idea to turn it off and stick to the grind. Save the social media and TV shows for your actual breaks!

Simplify your organization

Your systems of organization should make things easier, not more complicated. If you find that the systems you’ve put in place or are trying to put in place are making you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to simplify them. For example, you may find it overwhelming to have a separate spot for everything. Try consolidating some items so you don’t have to have so many individual places to put things. Also, make sure you are taking advantage of labels. They will make your life a lot easier when you are putting away or looking for something.

Enlist some help

A decluttering project can be a big undertaking if you haven’t done it in a while, especially if you have a large home with multiple people living there. There is no reason you have to do it all yourself. Ask a friend or family member to help you out or enlist the help of a professional. Having another person there will not only cut down on the workload, but it will also help you make decisions when someone else is there with an objective eye.

Focus on the outcome

The road to the end of decluttering can feel like a very, very long one. To keep you motivated to see it through to the end, focus on how good it will feel once it’s done. Envision your cleaner home, all the extra space you will have for new things, and if your home is on the market think about how much faster it will sell when it makes a great impression on home buyers. Keeping the positive outcome in mind will help you surge through.

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