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Home Staging Secrets: How to Use Color Effectively

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Find out how some simple uses of color can help your home appeal more to buyers! #realestate #homeselling #homestagingColor is key when it comes to decorating or staging a home. How you use color can affect the entire feel of a home and dictate the emotions of guests or buyers as they walk through it. There is a lot of power in the psychology of color.

It’s important to keep this in mind when preparing your house for the market. First, you want to start with a neutral palette. Neutral colors allow the features of the home to take center stage while inspiring prospective buyers to visualize the ways in which they could decorate it. You want them to imagine what their life could be like in the home, not yours. Once you’ve neutralized the décor, then it’s time to add some charm back into it. The right colorful accents help bring that neutral palette to life.

Below are three smart ways to use color in your home when it’s on the market:

1) Choose a welcoming color for the front door. We love seeing a bright red front door when it is done correctly. As people, we are programmed to see red and STOP—as in, stop and see this house! However, red won’t work for every house. If it works with yours, it can be a great way to attract attention and create a strong first impression. There are other colors that can have pleasing effects on your curb appeal, as well, such as green, yellow or blue. Consult with a professional home stager to find out what the best color would be for your home’s façade.

2) Paint the walls in a neutral color. We always recommend a nice shade of beige or grey for walls in a home up for sale. Houses usually feel bigger when the color is light and continuous, so paint every wall in the same neutral shade. While this may seem boring to you, colorful walls can be distracting to buyers, especially if they start thinking about how much it will cost to change them to fit their own personal style. Remember, we are marketing to the masses. Most people cannot get past a wall if it is painted a color they don’t like, so your home should be a blank slate.

3) Arts and florals. Color doesn’t have to be avoided completely to be marketable. In fact, colorful accents help make the home much more inviting! It’s all about moderation. One way to insert some color is through home staging art and florals. Art can bring a splash of color to a bare wall, working as a nice alternative to painting the entire wall in a bright color. A beautiful bouquet of flowers infuses a lot of character to surfaces such as a kitchen counter, coffee table or night stand. Other decorative accents that are great for this purpose are pillows on the sofa, a pretty bedspread or books on a table or shelf.

These are areas that you can be creative and incorporate some color into without having to worry about the decor getting too distracting. Remember that the home should always be the focal point—not the décor you use!

To learn a lot more about how to use color in home staging, check out Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar. It explores the psychology of color in relation to home buyers and offers several more tips to help you harness the selling power of color. Click here to watch it now!

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