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Hodge Podge Parade

I’m just going to say it – your junk drawer has GOT to go (maybe for you, it’s a basket, or a cabinet, or perhaps an entire closet or room)! Get rid of it. Chances are good that you don’t even know what is in there, so how would you ever possibly use the items that you’re so desperately avoiding parting with?

I’m not just ranting like an overbearing, neat-freak mother, here. I have a method to my madness and a good reason that I’m standing firm and insisting that you ditch the junk. By keeping the clutter, you significantly lower your chances of winning the hearts of home buyers. If your home is on the market, and you want to do everything you can to sell it quickly – and at a desirable price – you must perform some deep cleaning.

As a professional home staging company, I know that – as nosy as it seems – prospective buyers just cannot resist pulling open a few drawers in a kitchen when they are exploring a house.  They open closet doors, and peek behind tall cabinets. Storage space is critical, and a valid selling point for a home today. Truthfully, the buyer needs a place to store their junk, just as much as you do! However, when you consider the perspective that image is everything in a professional environment, the best thing you can do is present your space with a clean, sharp look – just like you would wear a new suit to a job interview.

Visually speaking, the surprise of a junk drawer sends several negative messages to the potential buyer. First, they might start wondering “if the drawers and cabinets are so unkempt, I wonder what else in the home has not been carefully cared for and cleaned out.” Oh no! That’s not a thought that will likely lead to a buying decision. Secondly, the buyer might be thinking, “well, if they can’t fit all their belongings comfortably within this home’s storage spaces, how would we be able to?” They might leave thinking that they will need a bigger home – just like you do, if you don’t do some purging!

Clean out your junk drawer, so you’re more likely to clean up at the closing table.

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