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Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating)

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

These easy DIY home decor ideas will help your home appeal more to buyers and even look great in your own permanent residence. Try them out! When it comes to staging your home for sale or even decorating it for permanent living, the magic is in the details. The finishing touches are what make a house feel like a home, so it’s important to choose the right décor for your shelves and surfaces to make it warmer and more inviting.

Much of our favorite décor for home staging is actually inexpensive and easy to put together yourself. These go-to projects look great in any home and provide color, texture and style to whatever space in which they are used. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your home look great.

The following DIY décor for home staging are all quick and easy projects you can do to make your home more appealing to home buyers or simply more beautiful for you and your family.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging

1. Textured Accents

One of the easiest DIY projects for your home is to get a simple but pretty bowl (like this metal one with an antler-like design) and fill it with something textural. We love to use these straw balls like the ones below that you can pick up at places like Michaels and Target. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and look great when gathered together in a bowl or vase. They offer some great texture. You can place it anywhere including the kitchen or bathroom counter, dining room table, coffee table or as part of a vignette.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

2. A Colorful Tray

A tray is perfect for gathering items on a large surface. Where these small items would look dwarfed otherwise, the tray helps ground them and make the display look much more dynamic. We recommend choosing either a colorful tray with 1 – 3 neutral accents in it or a neutral tray with 1 – 3 colorful accents in it (as seen below).

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

3. Fruit in the Kitchen

The most beautiful color can be found in nature, so we love to take advantage of fresh fruit to bring color to the kitchen. We usually use fake fruit so we never have to worry about it going bad. The trick is choosing a pretty, neutral bowl or vase – like the silver one above – to bring style to the display. This DIY décor never goes out of style as long as you keep the bowl classic or modern.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

4. A Refreshing Set-Up

Another idea for using fruit in the kitchen is to fill up a pitcher with some items (like these pretty oranges) and place it on a tray with two glasses. This is perfect for summer because it will inspire people to imagine entertaining there. If it’s hot outside, it will also make them think of feeling refreshed and relaxed while providing a nice pop of color to the space.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

5. A Romantic Setting

You want your master bedroom to feel like a retreat, especially when it’s on the market. One of our favorite displays is a tray featuring a couple of wine glasses, a bottle of wine, and other optional accents like some grapes and a beautiful flower. It helps cultivate an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation and will get people’s imaginations going. This simple touch makes the space feel even more special. You could also use a pair of coffee cups and a bag of Starbucks coffee instead for the same effect.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

6. Bathroom Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars or other glass containers look great on a bathroom counter when filled with toiletries such as cotton balls and Q-tips. It is so simple but really adds a special touch to the space that makes it feel more warm and inviting. You can easily recreate this look for under $20 and it looks great.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

7. Spa-Like Decor

To make your bathroom feel more like a spa, hang fresh white towels and incorporate some beautiful toiletries into the décor. We like to fill a decorative tray with items to pamper yourself with, such as pretty soaps and a loofah. Places like Home Goods and TJ Maxx always have a great selection of prettily wrapped bars of soap, lotion and bath wash that will bring some style and color to the space at an inexpensive price.

Easy DIY Décor for Home Staging (or Decorating |

Try these ideas in your home to give it a fresh dose of style. Want more tips for DIY décor? Check out Megan’s free home staging webinar that offers even more great ideas!

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