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How to Declutter Your Kitchen and Clear the Surfaces

The kitchen is one of the quickest rooms in a home to become cluttered. Follow these easy tips to declutter your kitchen and clear off the surfaces for a more beautiful space.The kitchen is one of the quickest places in your home to become overstuffed and cluttered. The catch is that it’s also one of the most functional areas in your home, so it’s important for it to have an efficient set-up. And of course, an uncluttered kitchen is more inspiring to work in, so getting it organized is important on many levels.

It can seem overwhelming to think about decluttering a kitchen, but it’s a lot easier than you may think. There are tons of great ways to make your kitchen more organized and efficient with just a few simple changes.

Try these decluttering tips for the kitchen to get yours in shape ASAP.

Decluttering Tips for the Kitchen

First, go through everything

The first step is to go through everything you have and edit it down as much as possible. More than likely, you’ve accumulated some things you never use and don’t really need. Get rid of excess items, too, to make extra room. For example, you may have seven spatulas, but only need to keep two or three of various sizes.

During the decluttering process, create three piles: keep, toss, and sell/donate. Try to avoid creating a “maybe” pile as you’re likely to end up keeping whatever is in it if you don’t make the decision right away. Keep your focus on the space and clutter-free surfaces you’ll be giving yourself with everything you get rid of!

Corral small items

There are a lot of small items in the kitchen, such as utensils, measuring devices, and other tools. They can create a lot of clutter very quickly. Clear up some of the space in your drawers and on your surfaces by corralling them in a visually pleasing way, such as by gathering spatulas and spoons in a pretty pot. Not only will they be easy to reach, but they’ll also become part of the décor in a clutter-free way.

Hang items

Another great way to clear off your surfaces is to take advantage of vertical space. Hang items on the wall under the cabinets, such as measuring tools, and pots and pans from a rack over the island. You can also hang organizers inside cabinets on the doors if you want to create organizational space without seeing it.

Incorporate an island or cart

If you have the space for it, incorporating a small island or a cart on wheels is a great way to provide extra storage and prep space to your kitchen, which will also help you keep your other surfaces cleared off. You can even use it for entertaining when needed.

Use the space under cabinets

You can attach baskets and shelves to the underside of your cabinets, which are great for holding small items such as silverware, napkins, spices, cookbooks, and other items and tools.

Take advantage of corners

There are a lot of great organizational products on the market that fit into corners to optimize the space. They can hold a variety of kitchen supplies and look stylish while doing so.

Put away small appliances

One of the most effective ways to make a kitchen look less cluttered is to put away most of the small appliances that sit out on the counter, such as a blender, toaster, or coffee maker. Storing these in a nearby cabinet or pantry will give you more counter space and offer a cleaner look.

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