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Using Cool Summer Colors to Help Sell Your Home

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Selling your home this summer? Check out these home staging tips on how to stand out during the most competitive home selling season of the year! With each new season comes a new opportunity to adapt your interior space to boast the most attractive colors for that particular time of year. Particularly when staging a home for sale, renewing your home’s appearance through small changes will help it appeal to the current lifestyle emotions of your prospective buyers.

Designer Patrick J. Baglino, Jr., ASID, “welcomes the change of seasons as the perfect opportunity to bring changes into your home, whether it’s de-cluttering or simply exchanging dark accessories for light.”

Summer is an especially important season for home buyers and sellers. Most people tend to move during the summer, so it’s a prime time to put your home on the market. The kids are out of school and the parents are excited for a change. You can capitalize on the exciting “summer fun” energy of the season by incorporating a cool summer color palette in your home.

Since summer is the most popular time of year for moving, that also means the market is more competitive. It makes sense to give your home every advantage that you can to make it stand out. Incorporating the right accent colors is one the best home staging tips for the summer. Color plays an important role in the psychology of home buyers, so harnessing the power of each season can be a home seller’s secret weapon.

The best colors for summer are fresh, bright colors like blue, turquoise, yellow, green, and orange. Any of these will go well with a neutral base that staging requires, but test them with the particular neutral tones you’ve chosen before settling on a scheme. There are many shades of each of these colors and some will suit a warmer neutral palette, while others suit a cooler one.

Here are some of the easiest spots in your home to stage with a summer color palette:

Your Throws, Pillows and Curtains

These soft accents are some of the quickest and easiest to switch out during the seasons. Replace heavy, dark curtains with lighter ones to brighten up the space. As for the pillows, you can make slipcovers for the ones you already have or make some new ones as simple, cost-effective DIY projects. Places like HomeGoods also have a wide selection of affordable options that are perfect for staging. They even have them divided into color schemes, which makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.

Your Artwork

The artwork in your home plays a large part in staging. Art for home staging should be appropriate and enhance but not distract from the home. Wall art is a good place to infuse some summer colors and themes, such as coastal motifs or landscapes, to bring the season alive to home buyers. Even an abstract painting in a bright color will do the job.

Your Decorative Accents

Candlesticks, sculptures, trays, books and other decorative items offer plenty of opportunity for colorful accents. One of our favorite quick and easy DIY staging ideas is to fill a glass vase with something textural. For the summer, this could mean marbles, seashells or even palm fronds. The decorative pieces themselves don’t even have to be related to summer as long as the color is something fresh and vibrant.

When it comes to colorful accents, especially in home staging, remember that less is more. The main palette should always be neutral. However, well-placed color will help each space pop and feel so much more alive. Think strategically with your summer color refresh project as you position your home to appeal to a broad audience of potential buyers. Your goal is to produce a seamless flow from room to room, while still remaining fresh and new.

If you would like some personalized guidance and home staging tips for the summer, feel free to contact us today!

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