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Colors You Should Never Use for Home Staging

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colorstoavoidOne thing that’s common in both home staging and decorating: color is one of their most powerful components. With home staging, the goal is to attract as many buyers as possible and help them see the true potential of the home. Color can be a strong asset in achieving that.

The right colors can enhance the perceived value of the home while others can get in the way of a buyer’s focus. That’s why it’s important that once you’ve neutralized the home’s core palette, you then accent it with colors that will bring character to it without stealing focus from the home itself.

Here are the colors we recommend not using with staging a home for sale so you get the desired reaction from buyers and a quicker sale:

Colors to Avoid When Staging a Home for Sale


While we love the look of pink in home design, unfortunately, it is too feminine for most home buyers’ tastes. Home staging is all about to appealing to the greatest number of buyers possible, which means keeping it as gender neutral as possible. While pink can be an incredible color to decorate with, it has a very specific look that can alienate a lot of buyers who can’t relate to the vibe or simply get distracted by it.


Like pink, purple is a gorgeous color that is typically considered a more feminine one, even though it can be swung in a more masculine direction with the right decor. However, when it comes to staging a home to sell, it’s best to stick with the colors that are decidedly gender neutral so there is no room for error.


Red is a wonderfully powerful color to use in home decorating, but that same power can be overwhelming to home buyers because it attracts so much attention. The purpose of home staging is to enhance the home without detracting from it. Red is such an eye-catching color that it can distract buyers from what they should be looking at: the home itself. The only exception would be a very small accent or red or if there is a red element in the home that you can’t remove, such as a red kitchen, in which case you’d want to accent it with a few red (but very contemporary) accessories.

Neon Shades

Extremely bold, bright colors are a turn-off to most home buyers, who are usually looking more for a relaxing ambiance rather than an energetic one. While neon colors can be a lot of fun to decorate with, it’s best you save them for your next home.


Light colors are fine choices for home staging (especially light blue), but going for too soft a color palette is too specific a taste to appeal to many buyers. Just like too many bright colors would be a bad choice for staging a home, so would the other end of the spectrum. Again, you want staging to be appealing to the eye and compliment the home without drawing so much attention that buyers struggle to see past it.

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