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5 Home Staging Tips for Spring

A living room with light airy neutral colors. There is seating around a coffee table.

Spring is on its way, so why not bring a seasonal touch to your staged home? If you’re trying to sell your home in the coming months, you don’t need to go overboard with spring decor. Though there are a few simple ways you can acknowledge the season. You can make small updates to ensure your home is like a breath of fresh air during each showing. This is a great way to add a little something extra and be more memorable in a buyer’s mind. Here are some of our favorite home staging tips to impress prospective buyers this spring.

Start with Spring Cleaning

A modern kitchen with a shot of the island at the center of the room.

To start, you’ll want to make your home feel as clean as possible. Spring cleaning is popular for a reason. Your buyers are looking for a fresh new beginning and won’t want to stumble upon clutter in your home. If you’re going to make your home as appealing as possible, take inventory of every area that needs special attention. Do a thorough cleaning of all carpets and rugs, wipe all surfaces and windows, and dust often. The goal is to give your visitors an impeccable experience.

Prioritize Curb Appeal & Landscaping

The front of a home. The walkway and front porch are visible.

When spring comes around, the sun is shining and people start to spend more time in outdoor areas. This is the perfect time to show off your home’s curb appeal. Well-kept landscaping is a wonderful place to begin. This is an ideal time to trim the trees and bushes and consider adding potted plants around the entryway. Make sure the lawn is in good condition and looks manicured. Pressure washing the exterior of your home is suggested for getting rid of any dirt and keeping up a pristine appearance.

Add Fresh Flowers

A bouquet of white flowers is on a side table next to a chair.

We all think of fresh blooms when we think of spring. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring some pretty flowers into your home and appeal to the senses with a gorgeous arrangement. Their beauty will add a nice touch to the overall ambiance, as well as a gorgeous scent to the area. Consider adding a bouquet to the coffee table, kitchen counter, or dining room table. This is a simple but effective way to add more life to a room.

Use Light Color Palettes

A living room with a light color palette is seen. There is seating surrounding a coffee table in the center.

Using a light neutral color palette is one of the more common home staging tips you’ll hear. However, this is especially crucial during spring. Switch out any winter tones for brighter shades. Look at the details in your furniture and think about using lighter curtains and rugs. Plus, you can use white slipcovers on dark sofas or dining chairs. Letting as much natural light into your home is also best for keeping things bright.

Swap in Cheerful Accents

A close up shot of throw pillows and a blanket on the side of a sofa.

The accent decor you choose can help set the tone for a springtime feel. It’s a good idea to opt for some brighter pieces. If you have pillows on the darker side, think about swapping them for a floral pattern. You might also opt for pastel artwork on the walls. Light yellows, blues, or corals tend to work well. While you don’t want to go with overly bold or vibrant accessories, now is the time to have some fun.

Schedule a Home Staging Consultation

Spring is made for new beginnings, and selling your home is a great place to start. With the home staging tips above, you’re sure to draw even more buyers in. Looking for the help of an expert’s eye? Consider hiring a professional staging company to really bring your home to life. MHM Professional Staging will help you attract potential buyers and sell your home for more. Request a home staging consultation today!

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