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5 Effortless Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Like A Master Sanctuary

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Having a petite sized bedroom is a fabulous opportunity to show off just how inventive and innovative with design one can get. Actually, a small bedroom is charming, attractive, and quaint – a special retreat from chaotic life. With that, there is no room or extra space for additional clutter, the room needs to have calculated and deliberate design choices that are not only picturesque but purposeful. Follow our guide to opening up a small space into a luxurious large master bedroom. 


For lighting options elect for accent lights that are sprinkled around the space instead of one large overhead light. The numerous lights with lure the eye around the room crafting depth and shadow, where a single light will immerse the room in one standardized glow. 


When hanging drapery – the higher the better. Hanging drapery panels as high and wide as possible gives the illusion of higher ceilings and larger windows. Using light colored drapery options is always a plus for a bright lift to the windows.


Use the optical illusions of mirrors to your advantage. Arranging mirrors on the walls adds architectural curiosity while adding light brightness to the space. It works exceptionally well if it reflects a window or large opening into the room to offer the illusion of a large area. 


An effortless and quick way to make a small space look bigger is filling it with bright whites and neutrals. Blend and mix the neutrals up with textured pillows and throws that add depth and detail to the room. 


Furniture pieces with understated drawers is a go to for a small space. That way so everything has a place already with useful and needed furniture pieces. Beds with storage underneath or built in storage is great for items for extra bedding, clothing, and books are easy but does not take up valuable floor space. 

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