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10 Amazing Home Staging Statistics That May Surprise You

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Wondering if home staging is really worth the hype and investment? Then check out the numbers! These amazing statistics from companies like the National Association of Realtors show just how effective home staging can be.Home staging has quickly become one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in the industry.

It started picking up steam when the housing market crashed and the market was flooded with inventory. To help homeowners and real estate agents make their listings stand out from the fierce competition, home staging became a valuable asset.

Today, the housing market is still very competitive. Homeowners see a great return on their investment in home staging, including faster home sales and higher offers from buyers. The key to home staging is tapping into a buyer’s psychology. It’s the same concept as packaging a product to make it appeal to a target market.

Home staging ensures that the home looks its best and captures the emotion of buyers, who are making one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime. Not only do we (as home stagers) ensure that the home is in its best shape possible, but we take it a step further and add special touches that make it warm and inviting.

If you are still skeptical that home staging is worth the investment and has the power to sell your home faster and for more money, check out these home staging statistics based on surveys conducted by reputable real estate companies.

Home Staging Statistics

The Impact on Buyers

Home staging works because it considers the wants and needs of buyers and taps into their emotions when searching for a home.

  • Realtors who work with buyers say most buyers are willing to offer more money for a staged home compared to one that is similar but not staged.
  • 81% of buyers say home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home.
  • 45% of buyers say it will positively impact the value of the home if it is decorated to the buyer’s tastes.
  • Among REALTORS® who typically represent the buyer, 49% report most buyers are affected by home staging.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

To sell your home faster, it must stand out from the competition and create a strong first impression.

  • A survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes spend half the time on the market than non-staged homes.
  • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that the longer homes stay on the market, the further their price drops.
  • Once staged, homes spend an average of 73% less time on the market.

Home Staging Increases the Perceived Value

Home staging is all about showing your home in its best possible light.

  • Buyers are willing to spend 1% to 5% more of the dollar value on a staged home than a non-staged home.
  • A survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes sell for more than 6% above the asking price.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding – or in this case, the numbers! Click here to learn more about the benefits of home staging.


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