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Living room designed by MHM Professional Staging

Redesign is the act (and art) of arranging furniture, creating focal points, and accessorizing to create natural traffic flow and visual interest.

In some cases, redesign may call for breaking down or repurposing a room. Our professional designers will work with the natural walk patterns throughout your home to find the ideal furniture arrangement.

Redesign is ideal for everyone, whether you are trying to sell your home or you want to make it as beautiful and functional as possible.

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Living room staged by MHM Professional Staging

Professional Redesign

There are many ways to approach a redesign. Your unique circumstances will dictate the best approach for your home.

Redesign for You

Redesigning your home maximizes your space and your budget. Rather than purchasing all new furniture and décor, we can rearrange and edit what you have to create that Pinterest-perfect look you've been lusting after.

Redesign for Resale

When buyers come to visit your home, they should be able to walk through each room effortlessly. Eliminating accent tables and other accessory furnishings can open up a home so that it feels more spacious.

In this way, redesign helps buyers focus on your house—rather than all of the furniture and belongings inside—so that you can sell your home faster and for more money.

Master bedroom staged by MHM Professional Staging

A beautiful home sells faster.

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