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Zombie Tales: Our Favorite Stages for Zombie House Flipping

Large abandoned home with realtor sign that says "Zombie House Flipping".

MHM Professional Staging is proud to be the exclusive staging team for the A&E television series, Zombie House Flipping! It’s always fun to watch how the Zombie team transforms “zombie” houses into stunning homes. They always create excellent canvases for us to work our staging magic. In the spirit of Halloween, we’re celebrating our favorite stages from the show. Join us as we highlight some of our favorite rooms from each.

Transforming “Frankenzombie”

A living room with sofa, coffee table, artwork, and club chairs staged by MHM Professional Staging.

First on our list is a house from season 2, episode 4. This home is located in Winter Park near the beautiful Lake Killarney. Before the renovations, the Zombie team nicknamed this home “Frankenzombie” after its mismatched materials and funky layout. During the renovations, the Zombie team replaced nearly everything with new materials. In addition, they painted the walls a beautiful neutral color. This gave us the opportunity to have some fun and add in pops of color.

Living room with unique accent wall, lush brown couch, two club chairs, and a transparent table.

This home had really unique elements to work with. One of our favorite elements is the industrial accent wall with a corrugated metal backdrop and bright, metal sign shaped like an arrow. To complement this hip and eccentric feature, we chose a lush brown velvet couch. We also selected a gorgeous gold and navy painting to sit above the couch. Because we didn’t want to draw any attention away from the beautiful new french doors, we chose a transparent coffee table.

Living room with lush brown, velvet couch, throw pillows, and blanket with a stunning art piece over it.

Taming the Beast in Southern Oaks

Exterior of a light blue home with a yellow door.

The next home on our list of favorites is from Season 2, Episode 8. It is located on a corner lot in the desirable neighborhood of Southern Oaks. This house went through one of the biggest transformations we have seen on the show. 

Beautiful open floor plan with living areas, multiple sofas in lavender, and lavender sectional.

To complete the transformation, the Zombie team replaced the floor with brand new wood-look tiles, and the walls were painted a light teal. This allowed our staging team to choose modern pieces that really highlighted the brand new rooms and layout of the home. The natural light paired with the lavender furniture really helped to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

A beautiful kitchen with glossy teal cabinetry and a kitchen island with oversized bar stools.

We love the beautiful glossy blue cabinets they chose in the kitchen. We made the kitchen island the centerpiece of the home by drawing attention to it with oversized stools. In the eat-in kitchen, we matched the stools with classy dining chairs embellished with nailhead details. To accentuate the new vaulted ceilings, we choose a striking vertical art piece.

An eat in kitchen with lavender dining chairs and a vertical art piece that accentuates the high ceiling.

From Spooky to Farmhouse Chic

Our final favorite is the farmhouse chic home from season 2, episode 11. This home is located near Wadeview Park, a desirable downtown neighborhood known for its great schools. Before the renovations, the home was spooked with a horrible stench and pest infestation. The team flipped it into a stunning dream home. To complement the “farmhouse chic” style of the house, our staging team selected neutral pieces with a rustic charm. 

A living room with a distressed brown leather couch and rustic coffee table.

One of our favorite pieces we added to the home was a distressed brown leather couch. It added the perfect dose of character to the living room. To complete the living room’s look, we added an oversized rug and a modern yet rustic coffee table. We continued the theme of brown leather in the work-from-home office set-up. Home offices are increasing in demand now that many more people are working from home.

Home office setup with large brown office chair and wooden desk with globe and books on top.

The kitchen was one of our favorite transformations in the house. We loved the new farmhouse style cabinets and granite countertops. To break up the subway tile, we inserted a small hanging garden. The plants added color, texture, and dimension into the space. Along with adding visual interest, they also made the kitchen feel more lively. We made it even homier by adding a tray of interesting ceramics along with a french press.

Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen with white subway tile, granite countertops, and a small hanging garden.
Close up of staging details that includes a tray filled with ceramics and french press.

Another lovely feature of the home was the breakfast nook area that had a feature wall made of reclaimed pallet wood. To accentuate this reclaimed look, we selected distressed kitchen chairs. We chose a circular table to keep the flow of the home optimized.

A breakfast nook with unique accent wall made of wood palettes and round dining set.

Watch Us on Zombie House Flipping!

That concludes our favorite stages from Zombie House Flipping. We hope you enjoyed revisiting these homes with us. To watch other episodes, sign in to your TV Provider to watch Zombie House Flipping online

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