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How to Work Around Ill-Placed Light Switches


Have a badly placed light switch you aren't sure how to decorate around? Here are some tips and tricks that will help it blend in. There can be some awkward features in homes that we have to work around when we start decorating or staging a home. One of the most common issues is an ill-placed light switch or outlet. Unfortunately, electricians don’t usually have aesthetics in mind when they choose the placement of them, so they can be in very awkward spots, like a place where you want to hang artwork.

While badly placed light switches and outlets can be annoying, they aren’t impossible to work around. With some creativity, you can make them blend right into your décor or hide them altogether. You definitely don’t have to sacrifice style because of them.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for working around light switches and outlets.

Decorating Tips for Working Around Light Switches and Outlets

Cleverly shaped artwork

One way to work around an ill-placed light switch or outlet is to fit the artwork around it, like we did in the photo below. We used a frame with unique corners that fit right around the light switch. You can try to find one that is already made or have one customized to fit it to your specifications. This allows you to have a beautiful, eye-catching piece of art where you want it without the switch getting in the way.

Lean artwork

Another option is to lean your artwork on a console table or shelf so that it hides the switch but you can easily reach your hand behind it to use it when needed.

Gallery wall

If your switch or outlet is right in the middle of the wall, a gallery wall can be a great alternative. You can arrange the art or photographs around it so your eye is drawn to the images rather than the switch or outlet. You can even frame out the light switch to make it blend in even more.


Flowers and greenery always look stylish and bring life to a space, and they can also hide a pesky switch or outlet. Choose a pretty plant in a nice pot and place it in front of the switch so it fans out and covers it. What’s great is that it hides the switch but still makes it easily accessible by sliding your hand behind the plant.

Horizontal stripes

If you want to be bold, you could paint horizontal stripes on the wall with the light switch blending into one of the colors. People won’t even notice it at first glance!

Move the switch

Of course, the placement of the switch or outlet is something you just don’t want to worry around, you can hire an electrician to move it. It’s a small expense to be able to decorate your space the way you want it!

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