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How to Decorate with Trays to Bring Style to Any Room

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Trays are one of the best ways to bring style and organization to a space. Here are some easy tips on decorating with trays!We can’t get enough of decorating with trays. Trays are great, versatile pieces to use in home design for a variety of reasons. Not only do they look chic in any style, but they also make a room look more organized and less cluttered. If you have some small pieces of décor, you can gather them in a tray to organize them and give them more of a purpose.

Decorative trays can be used just about anywhere in the home, such as on an ottoman, side table, kitchen counter or bathroom counter. Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, the possibilities are endless.

To learn how to achieve this popular decorating trend, here are our pro tips on decorating with trays.

Tips on Decorating with Trays

Choose the Right Tray

The first step is to choose the right tray for the space. Decide where you will be placing it (on a coffee table, your bathroom counter, a console table) and then measure the area so you know what size tray will fit there. This will keep you from falling in love with a tray and bringing it home only to find that it doesn’t fit in the spot you needed it for.

Next, decide what shape you want the tray to be. It could be round, square, rectangle or another geometric shape. If you have a lot of straight lines, you may want to go with a round tray to soften things up. Similarly, if there are a lot of round or soft features in the space, a tray with harsh edges could provide some nice contrast to switch things up.

And of course, color is important, too. Trays in neutral colors are the most versatile so you can always move them to another space if you want. You can also get more creative with what’s on the tray (and even switch up the accents later on, such as for the seasons). However, if you have a lot of neutrals in the space, the tray could be a great opportunity to bring in a pop of color.

Decide: Minimalist or Maximalist

What is the style in the space overall? Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist look? For a minimalist look, the idea is to keep things as simple as possible. For a tray, we recommend adding no more than 2-3 decorative items to it and keeping plenty of negative space available For a maximalist look, however, you can feel free to fill it up. Just be sure to keep everything balanced, purposeful, and complimentary of each other.

Adorn it with Décor

Now we’re on to the best part: decorating the tray! You can put just about any small decorative items you can think of on it. Some great ideas are:

  • Plants and flowers: perfect for bringing color and elegance to a tray
  • Books: they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can easily be stacked to create height
  • Perfume bottles: look beautiful on a vanity or bedroom dresser
  • Toiletries: can be gathered in one organized spot so they don’t clutter the counter
  • Collections: also can be gathered to look more organized

For a more dynamic look, vary the heights of your tray décor and incorporate color and texture. The most important part of decorating a tray, though, is to have fun and make it your own!

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