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Making a House Feel Like a Home with Plants

One of our favorite tricks for making a house or apartment feel more like a home is to incorporate nature into the decor. Flowers and greenery have an inherent elegance to them that looks great in any space regardless of ...
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7 Ways to Stretch a Space and Make It Seem Larger

Most of us wish we had more space in our homes, whether in the form of extra storage or visual openness. This can especially be challenging in apartments. Every home has its own quirks and drawbacks that can get in ...
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How to Freshen Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, and for millions of Americans across the country, that means one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning! If your home is currently on the marketing or if you are planning to sell in the near future, it’s ...
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5 Fun and Easy Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween is one of my kids’ and my favorite holidays. Every year, we look forward to decorating the house, putting together our costumes, and of course trick or treating. There are so many fantastic ideas out there for Halloween decor, ...
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Don’t Kiss Summer’s Bright Colors Goodbye Yet

With autumn on the near horizon, it’s tempting to reposition your for-sale home to fit the season. But, don’t change out your home’s sunny-colored summer pillows, florals and accessories yet! We suggest that you hang on to those cool summer colors ...
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From Rugged to Romantic

Everybody wants to relax. After a difficult day, or week, the most comforting place to come home to is home. Not just a house – an inviting, warm, emotionally and physically comforting home. At MHM Professional Staging, LLC., we are ...
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