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Home Staging Secrets: Lighting Can Make All The Difference

1) Whenever you can, utilize at least three sources of light in a room. Overhead lighting, combined with other sources such as lamps, give a room a warm, ambient feeling. Multiple sources of lighting also provide depth and texture—and can take a fairly “plain” room and make it enticing. 2) Evaluate your lampshades. Many of the shades that come with a lamp are unimpressive—but finding great lampshades is easy at a store like Target. Look for opportunities to create contrast, particularly in a bedroom, by using dark lampshades against light colored walls, and vice versa. It may seem like a small detail, but the right lampshades can give your home that extra “pop” it needs to appeal to prospective buyers. 3) Use light in unexpected ways. For instance, consider a table lamp on top of your kitchen counter. Breaking away from the “norm” is a great way to keep your home interesting, fresh, and appealing—and more sources of light are always a good thing… within reason, of course. For more ideas, get in touch with us today! 4) Utilize exterior lighting. At night, exterior lighting plays a huge role in creating an appealing ambience for your home. It’s important that you create a well lit path from your driveway to your front door, for one thing, and strategically placed accent lights on the home and on statement trees allow you to call attention to the most appealing attributes of the home. When it comes to selling your home quickly and for a great price, lighting has a significant role to play. Keep these four tips in mind… and please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’d like to learn more!]]>

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