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Clever Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner


Have an awkward corner in your home you're not sure how to decorate? Try one of these ideas to make an awkward corner cozy and functional.At some point, you’ve probably been faced with an awkward corner you didn’t know how to decorate. Whether it’s small, awkwardly placed, or simply uninspiring, it can leave you scratching your head on how to deal with it. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative and stylish ways to take advantage of any corner in your home regardless of how awkward it may seem. They are actually a great opportunity to bring more character to your home. Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating an awkward corner. Give them a try!

Ideas for Decorating an Awkward Corner


To bring instant character and personality to a corner, a vignette is a great solution. Start by choosing a table that fits the space. There are console tables that are made to fit corners and they come in a variety of sizes from small to large. You can then decorate it as you see fit with art, décor, lighting, etc. Get creative with it! Click here for tips on decorating a vignette.


An armchair is one of the most classic pieces for a corner. You can create a cozy reading corner with a comfortable armchair, an accent pillow, and a throw. If you have the space, add an end table with a light or plant on it. Alternatively, you could hang a light fixture from the ceiling or mount one to the wall beside the chair.

Hammock or hanging chair

A more whimsical seating option for an awkward corner is a hammock or hanging chair. These both create a more fun, bohemian style that still offer a lot of comfort. They’re also perfect for a smaller corner that can’t fit an armchair.

Curved or sectional sofa

If you need a lot of seating, a curved or sectional sofa is perfect for corner seating. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and will ensure that you have plenty of space for everyone.

Shelving or bookcases

Shelving is easy to build into a corner, looks charming, and provides some extra storage space. You can build and install your own shelves quickly and inexpensively. You could also opt for bookcases that are built-in or specially made for corners if you want even more space. IKEA has an inexpensive option for the latter.


Plants always bring a lot of life to a space, especially a corner. One tall plant can make an awkward corner look warm and stylish.

Round table or banquette

If your breakfast nook is awkwardly shaped or small, a round table or banquette is a great way to take advantage of the space. You’ll give yourself more seating but take up less room than a square or rectangular dining room table.


Art makes any spot in a home more beautiful. In a corner, you could create a gallery wall, place a sculpture there, or even just hang one or two eye-catching pieces of art. Click here for tips on choosing the right artwork for your home. >>]]>

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