MHM Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

MHM Professional Staging is as passionate about giving back to the community as we are about design. One of the organizations we are actively involved in is Habitat for Humanity. We have the privilege of staging and decorating homes every day through our work for MHM, but there is nothing more rewarding than helping build…
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Video: Behind the Scenes of LaPalme Magazine Fashion Shoot

LaPalme Magazine’s glamorous photoshoot featuring set design by Megan Morris. This fashion spread titled SoCal SoLucky captures the upscale, luxurious vibe Megan and MHM Professional Staging, LLC are known for. She worked alongside photographer Michael Giragosian, stylist Tammara Kohler, make-up artist Sheri Michelle, and hair stylist Angle Cardona to bring this visual story to life. The creative…
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How to Boost “Curbside Appeal” This Fall

1) Keep the gutters clean and clear. As fall rolls in, leaves and twigs begin to fall off the trees, onto your roof—and into your gutters. If you don’t regularly clean them out, not only will your roof be visually unattractive, but you’ll be sending a message that you don’t take great care of your…
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Learn How to Sell Your Home Now!

can sell your home for great value, and you can do it quickly. Even in a buyer’s market! How? By staging your home to sell. How to stage your home In my recent book, Stageology, I explain how this process works. I offer tips for how to change the look of your house so buyers…
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Summer Staging: Keep it Cool

summer home staging—using the right colors. Before we go any further, I need to throw in an important caveat: you should never go too far with any color palette when staging your home, no matter how great you think it may be. Why? Because you aren’t marketing your home to yourself—you’re marketing to the general…
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Staging Secrets: Give Your Home The Perfect Summertime Flavor

1) Keep your décor light and airy. The right color palette will brighten up your entire home. Consider the use of easy accent pieces to lighten up your rooms. Floral prints are a great way to accomplish this—particularly in the form of throw pillows, tablecloths, and even furniture. 2) Incorporate a beachy feel. Nothing says…
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Home Staging Secrets: Lighting Can Make All The Difference

1) Whenever you can, utilize at least three sources of light in a room. Overhead lighting, combined with other sources such as lamps, give a room a warm, ambient feeling. Multiple sources of lighting also provide depth and texture—and can take a fairly “plain” room and make it enticing. 2) Evaluate your lampshades. Many of…
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Home Staging Secrets: Maximize Curb Appeal

curb appeal” when it comes to preparing a home for sale. Why is this such a big deal? Because the curbside appeal of your home creates the first impression for your prospective buyers. From the moment potential buyers drive up to your property, they are evaluating it. Your driveway, your yard, the front of your…
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Four Ways to Increase Home Value…Without Spending a Fortune

selling their house. The first is to sell the home as quickly as possible—nobody wants to wait around during this process. And the second, of course, is to sell for as high of a price as possible. The problem that many people face while selling their homes is that their two goals would seem to…
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